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With the help of the immensely helpful tool Vanced, you can quickly, simply, and comfortably download your preferred YouTube videos.
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Dec 3, 2023
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youtube Vanced crystal Apk

What is youtube Vanced:

With the help of the immensely helpful tool Vanced, you can quickly, simply, and comfortably download your preferred YouTube videos.

Vanced’s design has a striking resemblance to the official YouTube app, which is among its better features. You may now quickly search for and download your favorite videos thanks to this.

Youtube Vanced Apk Free Download

Consequently, to initiate the download, all you need to do is locate the movie on the Vanced platform and press on the arrow located beneath it. Next, you may adjust the resolution and other settings to fit your preferences and the device you want to watch the video on.

Vanced is an intriguing program that allows you to quickly download any number of YouTube videos.

How to install the youtube Vanced:

Get the Vanced YouTube video here:

Download the APK from only trustworthy sources. It may have come from an institution, business, or online resource.

Configure the YouTube Vanced.

After the download is finished, find the APK with your smartphone’s File Manager. The APK installation may be started by pressing and holding the file.

Installation and Permits:

To utilize the software, you must have authorization. Once the necessary licenses have been obtained, choose and press “Install.”

Open the app:

Look through the applications in the phone drawer while you wait. Installing APKs from questionable sources is not advised since they may contain malware. Buying Android applications from dubious sources is not recommended.

youtube Vanced crystal Apk

What are the best features of the youtube Vanced app?

Well-known for offering a plethora of beneficial functions at no cost is the YouTube Vanced. One of the main reasons why people choose Vanced YouTube over the official YouTube app is because all of its features are free. advertising on every video is quite unpleasant when watching material, however with the Vanced version, advertising are absolutely absent. Hence, the YouTube Vanced will be unique thanks to these incredible features, which is why millions of users like it over the original YouTube version.

The “Return Dislike” button

As many of you may know, YouTube hidden the dislike button in a recent update. Consequently, no one will be able to see the dislike button in any videos. To restore the dislike button to every video, download the YouTube Vanced Mod. Hence, it will be simple to observe the precise amount of dislikes for each video.

Image within image

The image illustrates what is known as PIP mode, which allows you to run YouTube Vanced and use other applications simultaneously while seeing a distinct YouTube display. Download YouTube Vanced in order to experience PIP mode, as this capability is exclusive to this app.

Control Swipe

Simply swipe to adjust the display’s brightness and volume. This capability is much the same as other platforms for watching videos, such MX Player. The YouTube Vanced display may be controlled by swiping on it to adjust the brightness and loudness. The device notification panel is no longer required to adjust the brightness.


There is no auto-repeat button when using the official YouTube channel. In other words, we have to start the video over in order to replicate the same sequence. However, this issue may now be resolved by using the YouTube Vanced APK, as it contains an auto-repeat feature.


The dislike button on YouTube was hidden in the most recent update, as many people are aware. Therefore, use YouTube so that no one can notice hate in any videos. Every day, the identical theme—white and dark—is released on YouTube for everyone to utilize. And YouTube viewers become tired every day with only these themes. You can now experience more themes by downloading the YouTube Vanced, which offers themes including dark, black, and white. The smartphone battery can be saved by more than 20% by using the dark and black theme.The dislike button on each video has been restored with a modified APK. Thus, it will be simple to view the precise amount of dislikes for each video.

youtube Vanced crystal Apk

Youtube Vanced FAQs

Q1.How should Vanced Tube be installed?

Crystal Apk is where you can get Vanced Tube. Vanced Tube may then be installed, but first you have to allow rights to install APK files.

Q2.Vanced on YouTube was replaced by what?

Many applications, like Vanced Tube, took the role of YouTube Vanced.

Q3.YouTube Vanced: How secure is it?

It is entirely safe to use Vanced Tube. Nor does Google have access to any personal information stored in your Gmail account, nor will it prohibit you.

Q4.What is Vanced?

The YouTube app Vanced has been updated with a number of features, including no commercials, automated skips of intros and mid-video commercials, background playback, brightness and volume controls, and more.

Q5.What is YouTube Vanced’s Microg?

The installer Microg for YouTube Vanced changes the YouTube app to make it Vanced.

 Q6.How do I use root access to install YouTube Vanced?

The method remains the same for installing YouTube Vanced on Android devices with or without root access. Installing the APK and following the directions is all that’s required.

Q7.For OGYT, what does Microg stand for?

The OGYouTube APK, a substitute for YouTube Vanced, may be installed via Microg for OGYT.

Q8.What is the process for downloading videos from YouTube Vanced?

You are unable to download videos from YouTube using YouTube Vanced. You’ll need to use some additional program, like TubeMate, to do that.

Q9.How do I set up Vanced on YouTube?

You must download the APK from crystal Apk in order to install YouTube Vanced. Following that, the installer walks you through the steps required to customize the YouTube app.

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How to install youtube Vanced Free Download Android & iOS APK?

1. Tap the downloaded youtube Vanced Free Download Android & iOS APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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