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 With only one swipe, Bolt lets you snap and distribute pictures to your closest friends. Send images and videos as soon as you can.
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What is Bolt APK?

Bolt facilitates the capture and dissemination of photographs among those within one’s closest social circle using a single swiping gesture.

Bolt facilitates the capture and dissemination of photographs among those within one’s closest social circle using a single swiping gesture. Please promptly send the photographs and videos via email as you have them. The latest application developed by the creators of Instagram is named Bolt.

Bolt Apk Free Download

In order to gain a perspective aligned with your own, it is advisable to associate with those who are in close proximity to you and share a strong bond of friendship. Please choose up to 20 contacts from your mobile device and proceed to share unedited photographs and videos. They vanish instantaneously with a swift motion of the finger. To enhance the security of your communications, it is recommended to employ encryption techniques by transmitting photographs and videos to a single receiver at a time. By just tapping once, you may capture and transmit your photo. The process of photo messaging is characterised by its simplicity and speed, which some may argue as being excessively concise.

How to Install Bolt APK?

Download the Bolt APK: Ensure you’re downloading the APK from a trustworthy website. Either a person or a website could be the source.

Install the Bolt APK: Once the APK has been downloaded, go to open the File Manager on your smartphone. From there, navigate to the stored location of the APK. The initiation of the installation procedure can be initiated by selecting the APK file through a user interface action.

Installation and Permits: You might be prompted for some permissions when installing the program. Click “Install” if, after giving them some thought, you can grant the required rights.

Open the App:

Go to the app drawer on your smartphone to open the app right now. APK files from unreliable sources shouldn’t be installed since they can be infected with malicious software. Make sure only to download APKs from reputable websites.


What are the best features of Bolt APK?

  • One tap records a video or snaps a picture. It sends as soon as you lift your finger.
  • All images and videos are unfiltered so viewers can see the world as you do.
  • Videos and pictures with simple captions.
  • Text, photo, or video replies back and forth with your buddies.
  • Images vanish when you swipe them away.
  • Arrange your 20 Favorites in a way that feels natural to you.
  • You can register without an email address by using your phone number.

Easy and Quick Photo Sharing:

Bolt APK goes above Instagram’s main functionality regarding how easily photographs can be shared. Users may rapidly take and email photographs to their contacts with only a tap, making the sharing procedure quick and easy.

Short-Term Visual Messaging:

Bolt APK concentrates on momentary visual messaging, much like Snapchat. The images exchanged using Bolt are designed to be transient; after being viewed, they should vanish. This gives the situation more spontaneity and privacy.

Tap to Respond:

Bolt APK offers a brand-new method of replying to messages. Users can instantly submit a reply or response by swiping on a received snapshot. This gestural contact speeds up dialogues and promotes participation.

Minimalistic Design:

Bolt APK shares the slick, approachable interface that Instagram has become known for. A concentrated and immersive experience is produced through the app’s simple UI, which prioritizes visual content and user interactions.

One-Tap Sign-Up:

Bolt APK users no longer require a separate account setup because they can register with their phone number. More users are encouraged to explore the app’s capabilities because of its simplicity freely.


Instagram’s launch of Bolt APK shows the platform’s dedication to innovation and customer happiness in a digital environment that is continuously changing. Bolt APK offers a novel method to interact and communicate by fusing the allure of fleeting texting with the ease of rapid photo sharing. Bolt APK by Instagram can establish itself as a standard in visual communication as people seek sincere and unplanned encounters more and more.


Bolt Apk FAQs

Q1. Is it free to download CrystalAPK?

Yes, Android users can download CrystalAPK for free. However, there may be in-app transactions.

Q2. What is the CrystalAPK download size?

On a mobile device, CrystalAPK uses 9.5 MB of data. Depending on the gadgets, the size may be slightly different for players.

Q3. What languages is CrystalAPK compatible with?

The languages are iZulu,中文, Việt Nam, and others are supported by CrystalAPK. To learn about all the languages that CrystalAPK supports, go to More Info.


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How to install Bolt apk by instagram Free Download APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Bolt apk by instagram Free Download APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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