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A gripping fantasy strategy game for several players called Call of Dragons is set in a colorful world populated by intriguing mythical races.
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Nov 8, 2023
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Crystal Apk Call of Dragons

What is Call of Dragons Apk 

The makers of Rise of Kingdoms have released a brand-new fantasy adventure strategy game.

A second masterpiece from the Rise of Kingdoms creators!

Dragon Masters Will Rule This World!

A gripping fantasy strategy game for several players called Call of Dragons is set in a colorful world populated by intriguing mythical races. In a unique multiplayer experience, you can explore stunning 3D terrain, create your city, conquer territory, and repel enemy attacks.

Call of Dragons Apk Free Download

Darkness is on the verge of engulfing Tamaris, the magical kingdom, and the end is near. As you establish your new order, expand your city, equip your troops, and command one of the major factions of the land—the Humans, Elves, or Orcs). Or will you stand shoulder to shoulder with your comrades as a sign of faith, wielding mystical items and training powerful Behemoths? The force of your will will determine how this enormous realm ends up.

Battle has never looked better, and strategy has never been this much fun!

Crystal Apk Call of Dragons

How to Install the Call of Dragons Apk 

Download the call of Dragons Apk: APKs should only be purchased from reliable vendors. The source could be a single individual, a group, or a company.

Install the Call of Dragons Apk: Check your device’s File Manager for the APK after downloading it. Initiation of the installation procedure occurs when you double-click the APK file.

Installation and Permits: Before selecting “Install” after allowing the software installation, consider your rights.

Postpone installation: Your smartphone will download the program and then install it. The installation’s completion will be communicated to you.

Open the App: Use the app drawer on your smartphone. APK files from unidentified sources shouldn’t be installed since they can be infected with malware. APKs should only be downloaded from reliable places.

Crystal Apk Call of Dragons

What are the best Features of Call of Dragons Apk:

Develop Strong Beasts to Rule the Land.

  • Peace in Tamaris is in danger from the enigmatic and formidable Behemoths. There are dragons, hydras, and thunder rocs to be found. To destroy them and subjugate them, work together with your allies!
  • To help your alliance win the war, summon your Wyvern Behemoths during the fray!

Change your tactics to dominate the battlefield.

  • Powerful Hero Skills: Teleport across the battlefield, become invisible, and unleash lethal strikes to capture the initiative and claim victory!
  • Send airborne soldiers to span rivers and valleys and wreak havoc on your opponents by deploying Flying Legions!
  • Master the 3D terrain to launch fierce assaults and seize every square inch of territory!

Experiencing a Huge Fantasy World

  • The mythical continent of Tamaris is inhabited by three major groups and various fantastical races, including Satyrs, Treants, Forest Eagles, Celestials, and others.
  • Cross treacherous rivers and mountains, enormous ice fields, and deserts, and you’ll come across amazing artificial and natural wonders.
  • The unpredictable trade objectives and fun mini-games to find make travels across Tamaris never dull.


Establish an Empire

  • To create a distinctive magical city-state, upgrade, train, and grow!
  • Train a diverse group of heroes and provide them with magical items to shift the balance of power in combat.
  • Create a dynamic city by enlisting heroes and engaging with them in dialogue to learn more about them and to advance the game’s plot.

Group Together and Help Out

  • To your alliance, each member is essential. Every character makes a noticeable, palpable, and visible contribution, from the bravest soldier to the obedient handmaid.

Crystal Apk Call of Dragons


The “call of dragons” mod apk will allow you to enter a world of rich and varied 3D terrain where every square inch of the battlefield has the potential to result in a thrilling victory. Take advantage of the chance to launch lightning-quick assaults, steadfastly defend your position, and unleash deadly airstrikes that will destroy the opposition. Prepare to embark on a fascinating trip where triumph awaits at every turn using strategic thinking as your compass. Awe-inspiring flying legions can be sent into battle and soar quickly across a large area of canyons, deserts, rivers, and mountains.

Crystal Apk Call of Dragons

Call of Dragons FAQs

Q1.How can I make sure that downloading Call of Dragons is secure?

Due to its developer’s trusted and validated digital signature, Call of Dragons is secure to download from CrystalApk.

Q2.How do I obtain older versions of Call of Dragons?

The most recent version of Call of Dragons and all previous versions are available from CrystalApk. You can get any understanding from this website: Call of Dragons in all its variations.

Q3.Why is it that I can’t install Call of Dragons?

Lack of device storage, a bad network connection, or Android device compatibility are all possible reasons why Call of Dragons installation won’t work. As a result, before installing Call of Dragons on your phone, please ensure it meets the minimal requirements.

Q4.How large of a file does Call of Dragons have?

About 1.22 GB of storage is needed for Call of Dragons. Downloading the CrystalApk App is advised if you want to successfully and quickly install Call of Dragons on your mobile device.

Q5.Which languages are supported by Call of Dragons?

Several languages, including Afrikaans,አማርኛ,اللغة العربية, are supported by Call of Dragons. For a list of the languages Call of Dragons helps, visit More Info.



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How to install Call of Dragons Apk free Download APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Call of Dragons Apk free Download APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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