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The queen of all the current WhatsApp modifications is Pink WhatsApp. With millions of functions at your fingertips, it is distinctively and flawlessly built.
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9 Nov 2023
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Android 4.4 and up
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Queen pink Whatsapp Crystal Apk

What is Queen pink Whatsapp:

The queen of all the current WhatsApp modifications is Pink WhatsApp. With millions of functions at your fingertips, it is distinctively and flawlessly built. Download Pink WhatsApp GB as soon as possible to ensure that your social experience continues smoothly.

Queen Pink whatsapp Apk Free Download

Queen pink Whatsapp Crystal Apk

About Whatsapp for Queen Pink

A well-known Arabic developer, Omar Badeeh consistently steals the show with his constantly updated mod applications. One of the best creations, with an extensive feature set, is Queen Pink WhatsApp.

The app’s title sums everything up; in this instance, the terms “pink” and “queen” both allude to the female gender. Thus, the primary inspiration for creating this mod was ladies alone. Pink WhatsApp Plus has a pink motif because women are psychologically drawn to the color pink.

The most recent version of Queen Pink’s WhatsApp mod features

After downloading Queen Pink WhatsApp and giving up the original app, the following features will be available:

Exceptionally High-resolution Media

WhatsApp’s only bad feature is that it lowers the quality of media messages transmitted over it. Queen Pink WhatsApp has just stepped in to squash the problem and shared the good news. The pixels won’t be harmed or the quality reduced any more.

Managing Invitations to Join a Group

Having received numerous unsolicited group invites, are you tired of them? If so, we offer the perfect way to stop sending out these invitations. You have total control over whether or not you receive invites thanks to a feature in this mod.

The fingerprint lock is enabled.

It’s possible that certain mods won’t work with a fingerprint lock on your phone. On the other hand, the stunning variation’s striking fingerprint characteristic will make you smile. Additionally, this place appreciates QR codes and other scanning components.

Make a Direct Call Without Saving

If you can call someone straight, why would you waste time saving his number? Cheers! Just tap the dialer and enter Queen Pink on WhatsApp. Make as many calls as you want by hitting the contact straight from there. Sending a message to someone who is not on your contact list follows the same process.

Variety of Documents

This mod will support you no matter what, whether you are having trouble sending Word, Excel, PPT, PDF, or other types of documents. Not only is a large variety of documents supported, but they can also travel through end-to-end encryption without any size restrictions.

Stunning Theme Color Schemes

Despite WhatsApp’s calming green tint, we’ve grown tired of seeing it repeatedly. Everyone feels dazzling when utilizing this program now that the theme colors have changed.

View Deleted Correspondence

The tension we create when someone erases a message before we’ve had a chance to read it is unmatched by any other circumstance. Your heart rate won’t increase on pointless goals going forward. All those communications, which were long since erased, will be accessible to you to read.

Improved Sharing Caps

After chopping them off, there’s no need to provide files. Considering that you can now send larger files and enjoy increased limitations on PDFs, videos, audio, and everything else thanks to this very appealing software. Megabytes are no longer the upper limit for these data files; gigabytes now do.

Queen pink Whatsapp Crystal Apk

Get Queen Pink WhatsApp here

You must adhere to following instructions in order to download this mod:

  • After selecting the download option, the APK file will be downloaded to your device’s storage.
  • After clicking on the downloaded APK file, give a few basic permissions.
  • After it has finished installing automatically, click the icon.
  • Bravo! WhatsApp’s Queen Pink is available to help.
Final Thoughts

This pink mod outperforms the others with several amazing qualities, such as high-resolution quality and firm control. As a result, it offers customers a somewhat different and improved experience, allowing them to view deleted messages and turn on an automated message sender. Furthermore, transferring larger files using this pink platform is unrestricted.

Queen pink Whatsapp Crystal Apk

FAQ concerning WhatsApp’s Queen Pink

Q1.Is There Any Other Difference Besides The App’s Pink Color?

Since FM Pink WhatsApp differs greatly from other modifications in every way, the answer to this question can be found therein. It does, however, still have those earlier characteristics.

Q2.How Can I Download WhatsApp for Queen Pink?

Downloading the aforementioned APK file will enable you to easily use Queen Pink WhatsApp Download 2023. Give all rights (microphone, call, storage, location, etc.) when you manually install the downloaded file.

Q3.Is Pink GB Paid or Free?

It’s simple and cost-free to download the updated pink social app. The only cost involved in downloading the APK file manually is a tiny amount of time. Certain on-site advertisements might make the procedure take longer in the interim.


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How to install Queen Pink WhatsApp Free Download Latest Version (iOS & Android) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Queen Pink WhatsApp Free Download Latest Version (iOS & Android) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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