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A V2Ray client for Android that works with the Xray and v2fly cores is called v2rayNG. The division of "Project V" in charge of network and communication protocols is called "V2Ray."
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May 19, 2023
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v2rayNG Crystal Apk

What is v2rayNG APK

A V2Ray client for Android that works with the Xray and v2fly cores is called v2rayNG. The division of “Project V” in charge of network and communication protocols is called “V2Ray.”

Although this program is similar to the Shadowsocks proxy, it is designed to serve as a platform for developers to create new proxy programs using the tool’s various modules. Either Android Studio or the Gradle tool can be used to compile this Android project.

v2rayNG Apk Free Download

This program is compatible with Android emulators. VPN authorization must be obtained through “apps” to use the WSA. Given that the primary goal of v2rayNG is to combat Internet censorship, using this program will enable you to construct particular network environments privately. In places under surveillance, like China, v2rayNG is widely used because it makes content that would otherwise be restricted accessible.

With v2rayNG running on your Android device, the download and upload speeds do not significantly impact you, allowing you to easily access the contents (videos, web search results, or social networks).

v2rayNG Crystal Apk

How to Install v2rayNG APK

Download the v2rayNG APK: Please only obtain the APK from trustworthy sources. An organization, a group, or a website could be the source.

Install the v2rayNG APK: After downloading, search for the APK in your device’s File Manager. The installation process is started by double-clicking the APK file.

Installation and Permits: The program requires particular installation permissions, which must be granted. Click “Install” after weighing your options if you have the necessary rights.

What are the best features of v2rayNG APK?

The application provides a straightforward and basic user interface to provide the user with everything required for network settings. The primary features and operations are as follows:

  • Multiple input and output protocols are supported simultaneously and separately.
  • Customizable routing capabilities allow the sending of incoming traffic from various exits by previously specified parameters.
  • Since V2Ray supports various protocols, including Socks, HTTP, Shadowsocks, VMess, and others, each protocol can be configured separately using TCP, mKCP, WebSocket, and other protocols.
  • V2Ray nodes can be concealed from other websites and blend in with the website’s usual traffic to prevent interference from outside parties.
  • General support for reverse proxy.

v2rayNG Crystal Apk

Choices for Customization

With the help of the V2RayNG program, you can create a custom computer network similar to Hook VPN. Setting up a network of virtual machines is pretty simple, and you may enjoy customizing your internet browsing experience by altering the servers, IP addresses, sock servers, and many other settings. Professional users can more easily control their networks thanks to the enhanced features.

Rapid connection

No matter your VPN service, the program offers a speedy connection to the server. You can quickly connect to private or exclusive servers and utilise the network. You won’t experience such problems even using a third-party VPN provider supporting V2RayNG.

Support for Network Protocols

Advanced users require access to cutting-edge network protocols to establish a safe and secure connection. For various needs, there are more than a few hundred different protocols available. You can access several protocols using the V2RayNG software, including Socks, HTTPS, ShadowSocks, TCP, IP, WebSocket, etc. Thanks to these standards, making your connection easy and secure is now simpler than ever.

Absolute Freedom

This program is entirely free while having many fantastic features for advanced users. Numerous apps offer comparable functions, but they cost money. You don’t have to pay for a membership, deal with restrictions, or watch advertising using the V2RayNG app.

v2rayNG Crystal Apk

v2rayNG Apk FAQs

Q1.Why am I unable to install v2rayNG?

Lack of device storage, a bad network connection, or Android device compatibility issues could prevent v2rayNG from being installed. Therefore, by checking the system requirements, please ensure that v2rayNG is compatible with your phone.

Q2.How can I tell if downloading v2rayNG is secure?

Due to the developer’s trusted and validated digital signature, downloading v2rayNG from CrystalApk is secure.

Q3.How can I download older versions of v2rayNG?

The most recent version of v2rayNG, as well as all previous versions, are available on CrystalApk. You can download whichever version you desire from this website: All v2rayNG versions.

Q4.How big a file does v2rayNG have?

The storage that v2rayNG uses is about 21.4 MB. It is encouraged that you download the CrystalApk App to successfully and swiftly install v2rayNG on your mobile device.

Q5.What languages does v2rayNG support?

IsiZulu, Vietnamese, and other languages are supported by v2rayNG. Visit More Info to learn about all the languages that v2rayNG supports.


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How to install v2rayNG Apk Free Download APK?

1. Tap the downloaded v2rayNG Apk Free Download APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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